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Shweshwe Roots was born in 2017 out of my appreciation for beautiful fabrics, initially Shweshwe fabric, which originates from my birth place, Cape Town, South Africa.  Shweshwe is a material that is rich in colours and patterns as well as history and its timeless popularity has led to it often being referred to as the ‘Denim of South Africa.’
Due to the huge amount of clothing that goes to waste in Australia (Aussies throw over 6000kg of clothes to landfill every 10 MINUTES!) the obvious step for me is to not be buying more fabric, but instead be making use of these materials and giving them a new life by turning them into jewellery with a story. It is not only about the environmental impact of reducing waste, but also creating a new connection between my jewellery, myself and the original makers of the clothing.  So whether I use a leopard print blouse I've found during a wander through the 'Op Shop,' or a piece of Shweshwe made in the heart of South Africa,  each piece is a handmade, exclusive statement you can feel proud to wear.
I am lucky enough now to have my own studio space at Artisians of Australia Studios in Drysdale where I work part-time creating and running workshops.
I am constantly creating, coming up with new ideas and custom designs and work with huge varieties of colours and patterns. I LOVE creating custom orders allowing my customers to couple the unique beauty of of my fabrics with their own personal style. 
If there is  product of mine you would like in a different fabric (mine or yours),  get in touch.   I would love to work with you to create your perfect accessory.
x Kristin x