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Connecting to your Creativity! Enjoy 3 boxes in 3 months.

Connecting to your Creativity! Enjoy 3 boxes in 3 months.

Regular price $104.95

3 boxes. 3 months.

This series is a 3 part box delivery and it is aimed at girls (7+)

For $104.95 ( $35 per box, Afterpay available) or $164.95 to include three 1 on 1 virtual 30min lessons via Zoom or Facetime, the girls will receive 3 boxes over 3 months.

The intention for this 3 month box collection, is getting our girls to use their creativity to create THINGS which tell their story.

In turn, my aim is to get them to realise two things that I took YEARS to realise:

  • Being creative is a form of everyday therapy they can use throughout their lives.

  • The beauty they themselves are able to create from simply expressing themselves through creativity.

 Each month will have a theme with a related project. The first month will be growth.

The boxes will include supplies and a project card to allow them to explore their creativity. They will then have the beautiful task of turning their creations into their own range of jewellery and accessories. The created jewellery value in the 3 boxes combined is $95 if you had to purchase the items themselves but the personal growth that will be achieved through this process of creating them will is of a much higher value.

Box 1

  • Note book and pen- the aim of this to encourage her to get into the habit of write themselves a daily affirmation entry

  • Journal prompts for them to work with.

  • DIY Jewellery kit with the supplies needed to make their jewellery over the three month period.

  • A project card

  • Findings to make a beautiful stainless steel 12mm pendant necklace with a lotus flower charm and a pair of 8mm studs or 12mm clip-ons

  • A set of acrylic paints and paper 

Box 2

  • A project card

  • A pack of 6 'Fairy Floss' Bic Intensity Markers and Calico fabric

  • Findings to create a 38mm bagtag. Included is a tassel and a stainless steel charm-'Though she be little she is fierce'

  • Findings to create a beautiful bookmark

  • Findings to create a pair of 10mm studs or 12mm clipons

Box 3

  • A project card

  • A black fine tipped marker

  • A custom designed activity for YOU by author, illustrator, graphic designer and professional doodler, Vanessa

  • Findings to create a dainty, adjustable, stainless steel charm bracelet.

  • A 10mm, adjustable stainless steel ring

  • A pair of 12mm studs/ 12mm clip ons

Please note: If you are purchasing your boxes to include the 3 one on one sessions,  some adult assistance may be needed.  I do hold a current Working with Children Check.